About Us

About AATC (Al Ashkar Trading L.L.C)


Welcome to Al Ashkar Trading L.L.C, your trusted partner in excellence since 1984. For nearly four decades, AATC has been a beacon of integrity, innovation, and customer-centricity in the world of trading and commerce. Our company was founded with the vision of providing top-quality products and services to our valued clients. Today, we stand proudly as a leading force in the industry, committed to surpassing expectations and delivering unmatched value.


Our History


Established in 1984, AATC was the brainchild of our visionary founder, Mr. Ali Asghar Hamid, who currently serves as our esteemed Managing Director. His unwavering dedication and passion for the business have been instrumental in shaping the company into what it is today. With a solid foundation built on principles of trust and customer satisfaction, AATC has grown steadily over the years.


Our Leadership


Mr. Ali Asghar Hamid (Managing Director): With a wealth of experience and a keen sense of market dynamics, Mr. Ali Asghar Hamid continues to guide AATC towards new heights. His leadership has been instrumental in ensuring that our company remains at the forefront of the industry.


Mr. Yusuf Hamid (CEO and Managing Partner): As the CEO and Managing Partner, Mr. Yusuf Hamid brings innovation and forward-thinking to our organization. His strategic vision and commitment to excellence drive our continuous growth and success.


Fatema (Vice President): As the Vice President, Fatema plays a pivotal role in overseeing various aspects of our operations, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of quality, service, and customer satisfaction.


Our Mission


At AATC, our mission is to deliver unparalleled products and services that meet the diverse needs of our clients. We strive to build enduring relationships based on trust, integrity, and shared success. Our dedication to excellence and continuous improvement is the driving force behind our business.


Our Values


Integrity: We conduct our business with the utmost honesty and ethical standards, earning the trust and respect of our clients.


Innovation: AATC embraces innovation, staying at the forefront of industry trends to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions.


Customer-Centricity: We prioritize our clients' needs and work tirelessly to exceed their expectations, delivering value in every interaction.


Teamwork: Collaboration and communication within our team are essential to our success. Together, we achieve greatness.


Quality: Quality is the hallmark of AATC. We never compromise on the quality of our products and services.


Contact Us


We invite you to connect with us for all your trading needs. Our commitment to your satisfaction and our dedication to excellence is unwavering. Contact us today to discover how AATC can be your trusted partner in success.


Thank you for choosing AATC, where excellence is a tradition!