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Brass cam and groove coupler &adapter are made according to standard A-A-59326(original standard Mil-C-27487), size from 1/2″ to 8″.3/4″-6″ between manufacturers is interchangeable, while 1/2″5″ and 8″ are not necessarily interchangeable because they are not standard dimensions. Brass camlock is suitable for conveying fuel, water, coolant, hydraulic oil, gasoline and petroleum products. But not suitable for conveying steam and compressed air steam.

Brass camlock couplings, though more expensive than polypropylene or nylon camlock couplings, is more durable and does not cause a sharp drop in pressure due to higher temperatures, Brass camlock couplings easier to thread.


  • Body materials: Brass
  • Handle: Brass
  • Gaskets:Buna-N (NBR), EPDM
  • The thread of camlock fittings are BSP,BSPT,NPT,G (ISO 228.1) and R (DIN2999).
  • SIZE:1/2″to 6″
  • Pressure :75-250 Psi( depending on size and temperature)
  • Operating temperature :-40 to 145℃
  • Manufacture method:Forging and casting

Cam and groove couplings use and connection mode: Type F camlock can usually be used with type D, type C, type B, type DC (Dust Cap) of the same size. To make a connection, simply slide the camlock adapter into the camlock coupling and with normal hand pressure, press the cam levers down.


  • Convenience, interchangeability
  • good corrosion resistance
  • non-sparking characteristics
  • longer service life
  • Easily disconnect/connect without tools

Industry applications:

Industries: petroleum, mining, municipal, construction, marine refueling systems

Applications: hydraulic oil, coolant, gasoline and petroleum products, fuel delivery, water treatment, brine, wastewater

Operating pressure:


Working Pressure

1/2” – 2”

250 Psi


150 Psi


125 psi


100 psi

5” – 6”

75 psi