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Camlock Fittings, also known as Cam or groove coupling, is a quick connection device connecting two hoses and pipes. They are easy to use, don’t need extra tools to connect or disconnect the Cam’s halve. Together with their cost-effectiveness, these advantages make them one of the most common types of coupling worldwide.

When it comes to the Camlock’s safety, it has something to do with the safety of the personnel handling the Camlock fittings and the safety of pipelines, workpieces, and the surrounding environment where the work is being carried out. For the same reason, let us highlight some of the details that need attention when using Camlock fittings for any applications. Here are some of them:

How to Measure Camlock Fittings?

For most of the Camlock (Groove) fittings, the measurement is determined by the Open Diameter (OD) or Inside Diameter (ID) of the Camlock. For example, the female Camlock’s size is determined by the open end or Inside Diameter (ID). But for male Camlock’s size, it is determined by the Outside Diameter (OD).

2、What is the Camlock Fittings Pressure Rating?

Although the Camlock fittings are easy to operate, it is essential to understand the Camlock fitting working pressure rating. It is critical to the success of your hose system. The wrong working pressure rating might lead to damage to your Camlock fittings. As a result, we need to attach great importance to this.

There are a wide variety of Camlock fittings in the market. The Camlock fittings can be made of various materials and sizes. Thus the pressure rating is different. Generally speaking, the pressure rating of Camlock fittings depends on different materials and sizes. As such, it is critical to understand the features of Camlock material so that the right one can work efficiently with your hose system.

For an instant, the aluminum Camlock fittings are commonly used for trash pumps, ordinary pumps, transfer pumps, or IBC. And the sizes of aluminum Camlock sizes range from ½” to 12”, while the pressure ratings of aluminum Camlock vary from <50psi to ~250psi.

In the sizes of Stainless Steel Camlock fittings, just like the aluminum Camlock, the sizes of stainless steel Camlocks range from ½” to 12”. What is worth notice is that the Stainless Steel Camlock offers us an impressive temperature range. It can withstand -150 degrees Fahrenheit to +500 degrees Fahrenheit. The psi range is 100-250, depending on size. The brass Camlock’s sizes are ½” to 12”, and the psi range of brass Camlock is <50 to ~250.

Compared with metal fittings, the polypropylene Camlock fittings’ sizes range from ¾” to 4,” and the psi range is <50 to ~100. They are widely used in water and coolant applications.