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Technical Information

The double bolt clamp is fitted with spacers and has 'gripping' power in excess of most other band clamps. The spacers protect the hose being pinched between the two clamp halves and this ensures full circumference hose grip. The spacer tongues also provide a solid surface for the two clamp halves to slide over while being tightened, preventing the clamp from damaging the hose. Easy and secure for various fittings and applications. This double bolt clamp has two parts with loose saddles and is suitable for a hose OD range of 32-40mm. Maximum pressure of 16 bar, manufactured from malleable iron. Intended for compressed air service. These double bolt clamps are widely used on compressor hose.

Special Features

Fitted with spacers to prevent hose being pinched, extremely robust.


For various fittings and air pressure applications.